Le Lot et la Laine


Het mooiste klaslokaal waar ik ooit les heb gegeven…
Over een paar dagen meer op www.lifenknitting.net over het prachtige avontuur in Frankrijk!

The most beautiful class room I ever have given a workshop in…
I will tell more about this wonderful adventure in France onwww.lifenknitting.net
Le Lot et la Laine

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  1. Silou Says:

    I was there and it was great !!

    Carla thank you very much , you are such a good teacher and your book too. I come now to properly hold the threads and it became so easy! I finished the pouch.
    I would like to soon knitting mittens or slippers but I have to find the wool !

    I must learn to make the increases and decreases , I hope that with the help of your book it will not be too difficult, if it will I will need another workshop !!

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