A Love Affair with Estonia

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Ik ben verliefd… al een poosje en het zit diep. Het onderwerp van mijn liefde is de Baltische staat Estland. Het artikel dat ik schreef voor The Knitter 55 gaat over de breikunst in Estland, over de kleuren, de ervaren en getalenteerde breiers en het mooie Tallinn. Hmm, zou zo weer terug willen…

I’m in love … for quite a while now and it runs deep. The subject of my love is the Baltic state of Estonia. The article I wrote for The Knitter 55 is about the art of knitting in Estonia, the colors, the experienced and talented knitters and beautiful Tallinn. Hmm, would like to be back there…

4 Responses to “A Love Affair with Estonia”

  1. Penelope Says:

    When are you coming to visit Tartu? You will find that Tartu is even more wonderful than Tallinn.

  2. admin Says:

    Tartu is nice too, but I like Tallinn best. We will spent most time in Viljandi this time, combined with the islands Saarema and Muhu and a day in Haapsalu.

  3. Külli Jacobson Says:

    Dear Hilly and Carla!
    Thank you for writing that wonderful article about the topic so dear to me. Glad to hear that you are coming to visit again, hopefully will see you during the Sweater Conference!

  4. Jan Says:


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